Choose Life Ministry – Bolivia Secondary Students

Choose Life Ministry – Bolivia Secondary Students


We have an exciting opportunity to bring a program to three schools affiliated with GMI in Bolivia which will teach 1,200 secondary students why it is right to choose life over abortion and the positive implications of this decision. The two-hour program includes drama, music, and testimonies from a Christian doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, pastor, and an individual who has struggled with the choice. Impactful materials are also provided for each secondary student to assist them in understanding the importance of choosing life. The materials include a DVD entitled “In the Womb,” a replica of a baby at 12 weeks of gestation, an evangelical tract on the development of human life, and a 12-page booklet covering the spiritual, medical, psychological, and legal impacts of abortion.

$5.00 per student
$200 for a class of 40 students
TOTAL – $6,000

$4,560 of $6,000 raised
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