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Method put his trust in Jesus Christ in 1978 in the country of Tanzania. When he finished primary school in 1983 he became involved in different ministries in the church, such as overseeing the church choir and later serving as an elder in his village church. Omelina trusted Christ in 1985. After he and Omelina were married they moved from the village to the town of Sumbawanga and started working together with a number of GMI missionaries, including Ken and Kathy Kemper and Daniel and Tina Moyer. In 1992 both Method and his wife, Omelina, became students at Tanzania Grace Bible Institute where they studied for three years, training for the ministry. Since graduating in 1995 until today Method and Omelina have been in full-time ministry serving in many different ways including working as a Youth Pastor (2 years), National Director of Evangelism with Tim and Debbe Meier (3 years), Church Planter (2 years), National Youth Director (2 years), Tanzania Grace Bible Institute Administrator working together with Steve and Barb Sherman (9 years), pastor of a local church (6 years), Secretary of the National Church (10 years), and most recently as a Missionary/ Church Planter to the Mwanza region of Tanzania (5 years).

After some years of ministry, Method was able to return to school and finish his secondary education. Then in 2013 he was able to study at a missionary training school in Zambia. In the last couple of years he has continued his biblical studies doing distance education through Berean Bible Institute in Wisconsin.

Method and Omelina have four daughters and one adopted boy who was an orphan. Their two older daughters, Hekima and Martha, are both married. Their third daughter, Grace, recently graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management from the Tanzania Institute of Accounting, and their last daughter, Elizabeth, is currently attending the College of Community Development. Emmanuel, their adopted son, is still attending primary school.

Both Method and Omelina feel called by God to reach unbelievers for Christ. In keeping with that calling they have joined Grace Ministries international to help start a ministry in the country of Burundi with the following goals:
1. To evangelize individuals and form them into local churches.
2. To establish a Bible School in order to train leaders for these churches.
3. To disciple and mentor leaders as they begin to minister in the churches.

Method and Omelina have always worked together with Omelina focusing on women’s and children’s ministries. They would like to help orphans and street children in the city to help reach the people of Burundi with God’s Word.

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Method – December 18
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Emmanuel – February 8
January 12 Kanisa la Neema
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