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After 28 years of experience in Tanzania, Ted and Kim Rabenold have began an exciting new endeavor in the remote Rukwa Region of SW Tanzania.

Their work is twofold.

1) With the firm conviction that the best spiritual outreach is done by trained Tanzanians, they are developing a core group of national disciples in leadership development. Their goal is training leaders to recognize, affirm, and develop other leaders, numerically maximizing their impact in the Body of Christ in the region.

2) Establishing Agricultural Training Centers for educating the thousands of small scale farmers living in their area. These agricultural training stations are physical farm venues where the Rabenolds host skilled teachers who come to train both “theory and practical” aspects of farm-related vocations, such as horticulture, orchard management, environmental awareness and preservation, erosion control, animal husbandry, fish farming, beekeeping, as well as innovative and sustainable resource utilization.

With agricultural pursuits being the main national occupation, they see the importance for Christians with a healthy “stewardship mandate” to be at the forefront of introducing new crops, as well as helping citizens utilize available renewable resources.

These approaches have enabled the Rabenolds to share the Gospel in many venues, build a strong and resilient core group of leaders, and generate genuine interest in new agricultural innovation.

If you would like to receive picture updates highlighting the new work, please send your email address to Ted.rabenold@gmail.com.

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Facts About the Rabenolds

Field Address
Ted– December 27
Kim– January 3 
 May 23 ted.rabenold@gmail.com PO Box 502
Sumbawanga, TANZANIA