Cory & Kim Hodgson

The Hodgsons began their first term as missionaries in February 2006. They attended language school in Iringa, Tanzania, for four and a half months to learn Swahili. After language school, Cory, Kim, and Naomi moved to the city of Mbeya where they continued learning the language and adjusting to the culture. The first couple of years were spent improving their Swahili, building relationships with locals, and figuring out how to best fit into the strategic plan of Grace Ministries International and the Grace Church of Tanzania.

Soon after arriving in Mbeya, Cory was asked to teach a Bible study for a group of students at a nearby university. This has been something he continued to do throughout their first term. He was also active in teaching and equipping evangelists within the church. Both Cory and Kim have had an opportunity to minister to their fellow missionaries through hospitality. Their son, Elijah, was born in August 2007, and Kim homeschooled Naomi and Elijah for several years.

The Hodgsons continued in their ministries in their second term in Tanzania, as well as beginning a new ministry. Cory developed a Bible-based Swahili correspondence course. The course is centered on 33 New Testament lessons translated from English into Swahili for use throughout Tanzania. This ministry has transitioned into the Tanzanian prison system, where Cory and his team ministered to both the physical and spiritual needs of the prisoners of the Mbeya region.The Hodgsons welcomed their third child Timothy in November of 2014.

Cory and Kim, along with several other GMI missionaries, were asked to leave the country of Tanzania in 2016, so they returned to the States and settled in the Northwest for a time of seeking the Lord’s will for their lives. It became apparent after visiting Bolivia, Paraguay, and other South and Central America fields that Paraguay was the best fit for their family. Cory left for Paraguay in July 2018 and the family soon followed. They are currently serving in Paraguay with the rest of the GMI team there. They continue to become fluent in Spanish as they are involved in their ministries and are required to use the language.


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