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Vision 2033

Vision 2033

This month marks the end of Vision 2023, GMI’s ten-year strategic plan adopted in 2013.  The goals were eight new fields and sending out 26 new families or individuals as part of our global team to share God’s grace.  We are grateful for the Lord’s provision as we in fact opened eight new fields and sent out 21 families or team members around the world.

As Vision 2023 was coming to an end, the GMI Home Office and Board were busy developing the next ten-year plan and we are excited to now share those details with you.  By 2033, we look forward to:

-Working in a new continent;

-Opening another eight fields;

-Recruiting 30 new families or individuals to serve around the world; and

-Work with our team in Africa to train 60 cross-cultural workers to reach 20 unreached people groups with the gospel!

As with our last plan, this one will require a team effort.  We were grateful for your prayers and investment in our last strategic plan and look forward to partnering with you in this next one!


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