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At the February 2023 board meeting, Grace Ministries International adopted its next 10-year ministry plan.

Building on the success of the last ten-year ministry plan, Vision 2033 is the blueprint for realizing our vision of what GMI will look like by 2033. We are not content with preserving what we have; we want to grow and extend our reach so the gospel is preached, churches are planted, leaders are equipped, and communities are transformed in even more areas worldwide. The following are the four primary goals for Vision 2033.

One New Continent
Grace Ministries International currently has team members serving on three continents; South America, Africa, and North America. By 2033 GMI’s goal is to open two fields on a continent where we do not yet have a ministry presence. After identifying potential new fields on prospective continents, new and/or existing team members will be recruited to serve on a pioneering team that will explore and assess the opportunities in those target fields. Survey trips will be taken to the new fields and new ministries will be established as the Lord provides the resources, team members, and opportunities for ministry.
Eight New Fields
GMI successfully concluded Vision 2023 with the addition of eight new fields between 2013 and 2023, nearly doubling the number of countries in which GMI team members are serving. For Vision 2033 we have set another ambitious goal. We are trusting the Lord to provide the personnel and resources needed to open eight more fields. Utilizing our team members’ and national church leaders’ connections, we will survey potential new fields where the gospel needs to be preached and where healthy churches could be planted. The ultimate goal, and an important measure of success, is our intentional effort to partner with national believers in these new fields to plan and develop effective ministries in their countries; eventually, releasing these ministries as self-sufficient and self-propagating national churches.
Thirty New Team Members
Expanding the reach of GMI to a new continent and eight new fields will require adding new team members. By 2033 we are seeking and asking God to provide thirty new individuals or families to join the GMI team and serve in one of our new or existing fields. Our current GMI team members are a very talented and dedicated group with a wealth of experience. We are excited about the prospect of having new team members from both the United States and current GMI fields join this seasoned team as we expand the impact of the gospel to new fields. As these new team members train, equip, and disciple the next generation of believers and church leaders, it is our hope that they create a sustainable ministry with national leaders who are multiplying themselves by investing in others.
Twenty Unreached People Groups

Working with our GMI team in Africa we have set a goal of reaching twenty Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) worldwide by training sixty new Cross-cultural Workers (CCW’s) by 2033! An intensive training program has already been established by GMI team members in Africa where these workers are equipped in cross-cultural adaptation, theology, evangelism, and business skills to support their families while living with and serving in communities where people have not heard the gospel. As workers are trained and equipped, survey trips to new countries and regions will be taken to identify new unreached groups, and workers will be deployed to new areas as they complete their training. As this work expands, additional GMI team members will be needed to oversee this ministry and equip new workers.