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GMI Global Team Opportunities

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Looking around the world, there are many kinds of ministries believers dedicated to sharing God’s grace can do alongside GMI on our established and even potentially new fields. GMI is praying for missionaries from a wide range of backgrounds, ministry abilities, talents, and passions to serve on our existing or new fields to help GMI and the local believers with whom we work evangelize, plant churches, disciple and train others, and otherwise share God’s love in ways we have not yet considered. We would enjoy talking with these potential team members who have a passion for ministry and are committed to making Christ known throughout the world to see how we can partner together!


In Bolivia, the Bible training institute (Centro Bíblico de la Gracia) has been in operation since January 2018. Bolivia is an established field with churches located in and around the cities of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz. We are looking for additional team members who will come alongside our current GMI team and the Bolivian leadership to teach the Bible, theology, and ministry skills as we prepare godly pastors, leaders, and cross-cultural workers to expand the ministry to other regions of Bolivia and to neighboring countries.


The GMI team of Tom and Michelle Sanchez and Method and Omelina Mwendapole are looking to add to their team as they teach, disciple, and mentor believers in their relationship with the Lord and to lead by example through a life of grace. They also need team members with preaching and/or teaching skills who have a strong knowledge of dispensational theology and are able to help establish new believers in outreach ministries such as evangelism, church leadership, and prison ministry.


The GMI team in Malawi is looking to fill several roles. Click HERE to read about these roles and see if you would be a good fit.


GMI team members Luis and Marcia Coto have started a church plant in Mérida, Mexico.  Even while this ministry is taking root, the goal is to plant a second church in the area.  Additional team members with a heart for discipleship, evangelism and teaching would enable the church-planting ministry in Mexico to grow more rapidly.


Givemore and Sylvia Nyakambiri are part of our GMI team serving in Malawi. They, along with Brian and Gloria Abranovich, are assigned to the new field of Mozambique targeting the city of Chimoio. We are looking for additional team members to join the Nyakambiris and Abranoviches to share the gospel, plant churches, and train new church leaders and pastors to boldly share God’s grace.


The GMI ministry in Nicaragua has been focused on the area near the town of Nagarote where our GMI team is serving just 45 minutes north of the capital of Managua. In addition to the ministry in Nagarote, the team is initiating a church-planting ministry in the town of San Marcos while they also equip Nicaraguan believers to survey and begin a new ministry in Honduras. They need others to serve alongside them working with children, youth, and adults in their teaching and discipleship ministry.  Someone with a passion for missions would be able to complement the efforts to start a new ministry in Honduras.


The GMI team in Panama is planting its first of what they hope will be several churches. Because of this, we are focused on outreach, evangelism, building relationships, and discipleship. As relationships grow and the process of discipleship takes root, we want to develop Panamanian leaders to reach as many people as possible in and around the Chiriquí Province and then throughout the country. We are looking for additional believers to come alongside and complement our established GMI missionary team as we strive to grow and release the first church plant and begin other church planting ministries. We are looking for individuals with a heart for outreach and evangelism, building relationships, and discipling new believers in order to form and develop future leaders.


In 2017, our GMI missionary team planted its first church in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, which lies on the border with Brazil and Argentina. We are looking for even more team members to come alongside and complement our established team as we strive to plant even more churches throughout the rest of the country, and even into neighboring Argentina and Brazil. We are looking for individuals with a heart to disciple new believers, build relationships, evangelize, and help ground believers into local churches.


The leadership of the Grace Church in Zambia has a vision to plant more churches and to build up leaders within their churches to further grow its ministry. GMI is looking for team members to mentor and encourage pastors both in their practical, day-to-day ministry responsibilities and to help further their understanding of God’s Word and His grace. To help meet this need, one of GMI’s goals is to work with the Grace Church in Zambia to implement a regional Bible school program (already under development) which will be run by the church organization.

New Fields

GMI would like to create teams to work in new fields such as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Aruba, Spain, Lesotho, and other countries to share God’s grace by empowering local believers to evangelize the lost, plant churches, and train others for life and ministry.