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Brook Seekins was on her way to Tanzania for the first time on 9/11/2001. Her plan was to serve under GMI teaching missionary children. Soon the Lord opened doors for her to focus on youth ministries. She worked alongside national pastors to establish youth groups in local churches and train youth leaders. Together they ran camps, seminars, and conferences to establish the youth in God’s Word. They were blessed to see young people become faithful leaders of the church through more than 15 years of ministry in Tanzania.


In 2018, Brook joined the GMI team in Malawi. While studying the Chichewa language, Brook saw the Lord open doors for her to assist in worship service training and youth leadership training.  She has also been working in Lilongwe with local youth, teaching piano and guitar, as well as leading Bible studies. Brook has also been able to help create curricula which will be used to help train national leaders in leading worship services, establishing local youth ministries, and teaching Bible studies.











YIELD stands for Youth Instructed in Evangelism, Leadership & Development and it sums up the focus of Brook’s ministries. Will you pray for these ministries when you see a Yield sign?


























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January 13 c/o GMI Malawi
PO Box 2411
Lilongwe 3, MALAWI