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What Are Our Tanzania Missionaries Doing Now?

What Are Our Tanzania Missionaries Doing Now?

It has been quite some time since our GMI missionaries left the field of Tanzania. Some people wonder, “What are the Tanzania missionaries doing now?” So we thought it was time for another update to keep you informed of their whereabouts and their plans for the future.
Gabriel and Hannah Wilson: Gabriel is teaching in a Christian school called HOPAC in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He tries to visit his students in their homes so he can meet their families as well. Another ministry he is involved in is planting a church in the city of Dar. Hannah enjoys working with the women of the church and being a mom.
Mike and Lynn Caraway (Luka): Mike and Lynn Caraway have retired from being full-time missionaries with GMI, but they continue to work with Grace Community Development & Education (GCDE) which helps individuals in Tanzania who need cleft palate surgeries, business training, literacy programs, or agricultural training. They will also be helping other GMI fields in the areas of business and community development. Not being full-time missionaries allows them to be available to help their parents with any needs as they get older.
Cory and Kim Hodgson (Naomi, Elijah, and Timothy): Cory and Kim are excited about starting a new ministry in a completely different area of the world. Cory left for Paraguay on July 23 to find a home and prepare the way for Kim and the children to follow in about a month. They have been learning Spanish while they have been in the States so they will be able to communicate a little bit when they get there.
Joanne Moyer: Joanne never left Tanzania and has been living with her son and her grandchildren. She continues her ministries of hospitality, working with the groups who come to visit the nearby college, and helping to homeschool her grandchildren.
Ted and Kim Rabenold (Savannah). Ted and Kim live in the Rukwa Valley of Tanzania but in a different location than previously. They have been busy building an agricultural training center and working in the area of evangelism. They are also currently building a home to live in. They have to burn each brick themselves for the buildings.
Brook Seekins: Brook has recently settled into her new ministries in Malawi alongside our other GMI missionaries in that country. The language of Chichewa is a hard language to learn so she has been working on that and meeting those in leadership positions while determining exactly where she will fit in the ministries in Malawi.

Steve and Barb Sherman (Trevor, Stefanie): Steve and Barb have been living in the States working in a literature ministry of translating books into Swahili that are badly needed in Tanzania. Their goal is to be able to go back to Tanzania in the near future but no time has been set yet. Stefanie is currently on a trip recording video in different countries to share the ministries with those of us back home so we can get a better picture of what the missionaries are doing on the field.

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