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The “American Dream”

The “American Dream”

They were living the “American Dream.” He had been a software engineer for 17 years. She had a degree in communications, and after working a few years, became a stay-at-home mom. They had four kids ages 5-11 when they began to sense God had something different in store for their lives.
They were involved in their local church and they took seriously the investment into their personal relationships with the Lord. God was using these situations in their lives to work in their hearts and minds to start molding them for this next season in their lives.
After hosting missionaries year after year and being involved in their church’s missions conferences, they began to ask them- selves what God’s plan was for their lives in regards to missions.
This question led them on a journey that took them to the mission field for over 14 years.
God can use anyone in any season of life. He wants His good news shared around the world and He is waiting for your willing participation – for you to ask him what His will is for your life. Have you asked and considered what that might be?
Mike and Terese Benton would tell you in an instant that it was worth anything they may have had to give up. This life is not our own and it is all about God’s glory!

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