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What is Happening with the Paraguay Community Food Program?

What is Happening with the Paraguay Community Food Program?

Because of the poor economy in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and the strict quarantine rules, many people are hungry and desperate for food. Many of the adults have lost their jobs. Our Grace Ministries International missionaries serving in that area recently began a project called PARAGUAY COMMUNITY FOOD PROGRAM to help those most in need of assistance. The missionaries also help with the cooking and dispersion of food.

Cory Hodgson wrote an update on the program and we would like to share that with you:

“Thank you so much for giving to our project supporting the community food program and church benevolence projects. Your responses have been overwhelming and deeply encouraging. [Pictured are Alejandro and Maria, the food program coordinators.]

“Two Fridays ago we started buying the groceries and long-life milk for the first week of the community food program in Barrio San Miguel, on the banks of the Paraná River just outside of Ciudad del Este. Two Mondays ago the food program started back up full-swing with lunch served every day Monday-Saturday, and each afternoon a snack with chocolate milk (the kids need a lot of calories). Each day around 100 kids are served, and many take food back home to their families.

“Last Saturday we brought a team from the church to minister to the kids who frequent the feeding program, and we had the opportunity to tell Bible stories and recite scripture with the kids who were present. [The cover photo is Luana and Laura telling the kids a Bible story.] We will be taking the ministry team there each week to share the love of Christ with the community and to have fun with the kids at the same time. [Pictured is lunchtime for the kids of Barrio San Miguel.]

“As long as funds are coming in, we will continue to fully support the food program. We have also had the opportunity to help a family from church pay for some important physical therapy.”

If you would like to give a gift to this project, click HERE.

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