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On Monday, September 10, GMI candidates to Panama Ronnie Mackensen and Jaque Neiverth were married in a lovely beachfront ceremony just north of Grand Haven, Michigan. They met when Jaque came to the States for three months earlier this year and stayed with Pastor and Mrs. John Lowder and their family in Byron Center, Michigan. Both Ronnie and Jaque have a heart for serving the Lord in missions. They will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest and visiting churches to raise support during the next three months, so if you live in that area, hopefully you will have an opportunity to meet them!

To learn more about Ronnie and Jaque, click HERE.

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BreakThrough visits Puerto Rico. This Caribbean island was the latest field visited by the GMI-affiliated martial arts team, BreakThrough. From August 1-10 the team performed evangelistic presentations in parks, two churches, a strip mall, and other public venues attracting crowds of all ages who heard the gospel. At Juana Diaz Bible Church, the team conducted a series of evening self-defense classes attended by both regular church goers and several people from the community visiting for the first time. Each class concluded with a message from God’s Word.





Grace Bible Center in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is now open. GMI missionary Frosty Hansen and GBC (Centro Bíblico de la Gracia) Board President Miguel Mendez cut the ribbon to officially open the training center on July 22. Those present at the ceremony toured the facility while the inaugural class took place the next day.




Traveling to Zimbabwe at the end of July GMI board member Jim Moore, along with GMI missionary Tom Sanchez (Zambia), and the leader of the Grace Churches in Zambia, Chrispin Mundia, conducted a multiday seminar for around 30 church leaders in Zimbabwe hungry to learn more about the grace of God. This was an opportunity to continue developing a relationship with these churches and to further explore the possibility of working together with them in the future. The conferences were another catalyst encouraging both Zimbabwean and Zambian church leaders to seek ways to develop programs to teach God’s Word and to train and equip members of their local churches.


In Nicaragua, after months of civil unrest, GMI missionaries Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli have resumed offering Bible institute courses. On a related note, twelve years after offering its first class, Grace Bible Institute in Costa Rica, from which Emiliano and Raquel graduated, continues to train another generation of leaders.



On the island of Curacao over the past year, Pastor Michael Look has offered courses in theology and homiletics. Earlier this month in his church, Iglesia Bíblika, he recognized three students who received certificates for their achievements in these courses (see photo).





While evangelism is important to growing and planting churches affiliated with GMI around the world, biblical training is imperative to their succession. Part of our mission is to equip local believers who will ultimately do the training. Pray for more missionaries to help us in this effort. We are looking for additional missionaries to serve in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Zambia, and elsewhere to come alongside local believers to facilitate biblical training to ensure that new generations learn God’s Word.





PROJECT OF THE MONTH. Our Project of the Month is ATV Wheelchairs for Tanzania. These wheelchairs are made by a company called SIDO using bike parts! The wheelchairs last through 5-6 years of hard use in Tanzania in off road conditions and are easily repaired by simply buying bike parts locally and swapping out the broken parts for new ones. The cost to buy and transport a 3-wheel wheelchair 700 miles to the Rukwa Valley is $600. There are several people in the remote Rukwa Valley who could really benefit from using one of these wheelchairs. $1200 for two wheelchairs.


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What Happens When You Read Missionary Biographies?

Do you think, “I could never be a missionary like that!”

Do you get excited and want to go to the mission field?

Does it whet your appetite to learn more about missions and what it takes to become a missionary overseas?

Does it challenge you to live a life sold out to Christ?

Does it challenge your faith?

Remember you don’t have to travel anywhere to be a missionary. You can be a missionary right where you are in your own home, in your own neighborhood, and in your own circles you travel in every day. It doesn’t require you to travel overseas to share the gospel.

Here is a list of some great missionary biographies that you won’t be able to put down once you start reading them:

PEACE CHILD by Don Richardson



LORDS OF THE EARTH by Don Richardson

BOUND by Vicki V. Lucas


CAPTURED by Carolyn Paine Miller

BRUCHKO by Bruce Olson




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Are we with Him or against Him? Confronting His adversaries, Jesus drew a line in the sand dividing everyone into two groups — those who stand with Him and those who stand opposed to Him. Pushing anyone who may have thought they were on the fence into one camp or the other, Jesus makes the dividing line even brighter declaring, “…he who does not gather with me scatters” (Luke 11:23). When it comes to evangelism, we are either among those who are gathering, or we are part of the problem — those who are scattering. There is no middle ground.

Grace Ministries International seeks to gather people from all across the world to Christ as our missionaries empower local believers to evangelize, plant churches, and train others as they share God’s love. The following are just a few recent examples of exciting things happening on our fields.

In January, 17 people professed their faith in Jesus Christ at an evangelism event in Senga Bay, Malawi, which was led by GMI missionary Bill Vinton and a team of Malawians. Two of these new believers returned the next day to hear more about God’s Word. Over the Easter weekend, Bill and GMI missionary Givemore Nyakambiri traveled to Zimbabwe where they taught and preached in the cities of Chinoyi and Musalabani.

GMI missionaries Ted and Kim Rabenold, serving in Tanzania, recount a recent conversion of one of their part-time workers, Frenki Fungamali, who has helped out at the Agriculture Outreach Center over the last year: “He has been inquiring about our faith for the past two months. He has been in close contact with our team of men and seen in a short time that they relate to each other differently than others in the village. I, as well as others on our team, have had the opportunity to speak to him about Christ. Two weeks ago both he and his wife trusted in Christ for their salvation and future. It was refreshing to see him contemplating Christ’s claims for a period of time before making their decision.”

Last month, GMI missionaries Carlos and Denise Brunk changed the format of their radio program from a weekly to a daily broadcast in an effort to gather even more unto Christ on the island of Bonaire and beyond. Also in March, GMI missionary Brett Chapman began teaching Bible institute classes in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Please pray for our GMI missionaries serving around the world involved in evangelism, leadership training, preaching, teaching, community development, and many other areas of ministry.

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