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Surveying Spain

Surveying Spain

Vision 2033 would have GMI:

  • Expand into one new continent;
  • Open eight new fields;
  • Send 30 new families or individuals to join our GMI teams serving around the world; and
  • Train cross-cultural workers to reach 20 unreached people groups.

Spain is where GMI team member Gabriel Wilson spent a couple of weeks attending classes and seminars to enhance his ability to reach and to train others to reach those who have not even heard of Jesus Christ (fourth goal).  While there, Gabriel met with various ministry leaders and surveyed this country as a potential GMI field (second goal).  The needs there are great within the established culture and among those immigrating there from abroad.  The methods for reaching both populations with the gospel are very different and the laborers are few (third goal).  Pray for GMI as we evaluate Spain and other potential target countries around the world.  Not only would a country such as Spain help us reach our goal of eight new fields, but it would be a new continent for GMI (first goal).

Banner photo: Centuries old Islamic palace in the Province of Andalusia, Spain

Mediterranean costal city of Málaga, Spain

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