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Strong Winds Destroy a New Church in Tanzania

Strong Winds Destroy a New Church in Tanzania

The following prayer request was written by GMI missionary Steve Sherman and was sent out to the Shermans’ email list in “The Sherman Safari.” We want to share this prayer request with all of you as well so you can be informed and pray for this church in Tanzania, too


We are asking you to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mwankuba, Mwanza, Tanzania.

This morning during their three-day Easter Conference there was a heavy rain with high winds that knocked down the Mwankuba church during their worship service.

Pastor Methodi Mwendapole says that several members were rushed to the hospital in Magu about an hour away. Methodi himself hurt his back and was hit in the head by a board. Pictured below is another pastor from the Nyashimba church who was also hit in the head.


This weekend these young churches (4 church plants and 1 established church) gathered together for three days of preaching, singing, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

Steve was the main speaker at last year’s celebration in the village of Igadya (pictured above and below).

These annual gatherings are very important for the growth and encouragement of these young churches. Please pray for those who were injured. Pray also that the whole group will be encouraged and especially the Mwankuba church plant who will be discouraged that the church they built just ten months ago has been destroyed.

Thank you,

Steve and Barb Sherman




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