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Praising God

Praising God

This comes from a recent email correspondence written by Brook Seekins about her ministries in Malawi:

Sunday, the youth group which recently started, met for their third time. We had some young people come from a neighboring village where we have a church plant join us. They walked one hour just to get there!

The leaders of the study did a great job teaching about the Fall of man. Questions led us to address some false teachings that often are taught about the Fall. Many questions were asked and answered to the encouragement of all.  We spent time talking about how we all are sinners because of Adam and how God promised a Savior even at that time. What a great time answering questions and encouraging them in their faith! We started to talk about Noah and will continue the story next week. You can imagine how encouraging it was for me to see this rainbow on my drive home after just talking about Noah!  God is good. Pray for these young people to keep growing in their faith.

Upcoming Training

On Thursday, regional youth directors will travel to Lilongwe from various parts of the country.  We will meet with them until Saturday to encourage, train, and learn together how to better train youth teachers in our local churches. These men are leaders overseeing youth teachers in their areas.  They work with pastors and local churches to establish, train, and encourage teachers in those churches.

Pray for safe travels for all of these men. Pray for an encouraging time of teaching and training. Covid-19 numbers have risen strongly recently in Malawi and we have several restrictions and curfews in place right now. Some people whom I know have Covid-19. Just this evening, we met once again to confirm that none of us has been in close contact with anyone who has Covid so that we will not be spreading it. Our seminar will be under 10 people and we will be keeping all the guidelines and social distancing practices. Pray for safety for all of our members.

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