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Praise for Safety

Praise for Safety

GMI team member Jack, who is serving in Malawi, has been coordinating an evangelism team to share the gospel with isolated villages on a lake in rural Malawi.  Regarding a recent trip, Jack shares this praise: “As the team was visiting and sharing the gospel in different villages with people who live in the lake, they lost direction as it had gotten dark and paddled their boat through some reeds where hippos have their abode. Suddenly a hippo popped up and started coming towards them. It threatened them by splashing water and the boat started swinging with the waves as the hippo came right by the boat. Not knowing what to do, they decided to pray and stay in the boat waiting for divine intervention. After about three hours of the hippo hanging by the boat, it went back in the reeds. Please continue praying for the team as they lay down their lives in order to share the good news with the unreached.”

Because of the valiant and persistent efforts of this team, four men have come to know Christ as a Savior and a Bible study group has been formed.  Continue to pray for them and that the gospel will spread.

Featured Picture: An evangelism team member sharing the gospel

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