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Please Pray for J-Nathan Nyakambiri

Please Pray for J-Nathan Nyakambiri

GMI missionary Givemore Nyakambiri wrote to the home office saying he and his wife, Sylvia, are taking their 5-year-old son, J-Nathan, to the hospital today (June 6) to begin the Delayed Intensification Phase of chemotherapy for his leukemia. He will have to stay in the hospital for two weeks under close observation. The doctor says that this will be a very tough round of chemo for him. Sylvia will again be staying with him all night. Givemore will try to be there during the day so that Sylvia can go home and get some sleep.

Please pray for this family especially during the next two weeks:

  • Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they administer the chemo and help J-Nathan to be as comfortable as possible through the side effects.
  • Pray for strength and understanding for J-Nathan as he is so young and doesn’t know why he has to be so sick.
  • Pray for Sylvia as she stays in the hospital all night and sits upright in a wood chair to sleep or possibly can sleep on J-Nathan’s bed if he isn’t sharing it with another sick child.
  • Pray for Givemore as he tries to balance his schedule of working and taking care of his family that is separated for these 2 weeks.

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