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Ministering to the Family in Malawi

Ministering to the Family in Malawi

GMI team members Givemore and Sylvia Nyakambiri have taken a holistic approach to their ministry in Malawi. Givemore counsels men and organizes meetings for married couples to share with them from God’s Word His plan for husbands and marriage. Both of these ministries are unique in the cultural context of Malawi, but extremely effective as they meet a spiritual need. Sylvia has been working with women in the village of Mbewa to help them better provide for their families. To do so, she and the ladies of a church affiliated with GMI in the community started a pig farm. The project began with eight piglets and has now grown into a herd of 50! Already a home has been constructed from the proceeds of the sale of pigs and many of the women have used the money to buy food for their families.  In addition to the women in Mbewa, Sylvia is also training other women in Malawi to make and sell various products such as soap and baked goods to help care for themselves and their families.

Above: Women from Mbewa

Banner pic: A married couples meeting

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