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Investing in Women in Malawi

Investing in Women in Malawi

GMI Team member Sylvia Nyakambiri has been passionate about giving women a better understanding of their relationship with the Lord and equipping them with skills to generate more income for their families.  Through her ministry, Beauty for Ashes, 12 women have completed a program geared towards these ends.  These single women will graduate this month having learned skills such as making laundry soap, disinfectant, strawberry jam and flower pots among other items which they can sell.  The impact of this ministry has been such that a Malawian national television station has produced a documentary about it.

In the village of Mbewa, the pig farm ministry is growing.  After some setbacks, the farm now has fifty pigs.  The income from this project will be used by the women running the cooperative so they can better support their families.  With the economy deteriorating and unemployment high, projects like these are effective outreaches giving Sylvia the opportunity to share the gospel and teach these women about their value in Christ from God’s Word.

Banner photo: Women from the Beauty for Ashes ministry holding the soap they have made which they can sell

Above: Growing pig farm in Mbewa Village

Above: Ladies’ Bible study

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