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Graduation in Malawi

Graduation in Malawi

This update is from Joseph Asong in Malawi. The Malawi Bible School has graduated its third round of students and there is much to celebrate! They are excited to see their dedicated students receive this high honor as well as experience their first graduation with female students!  Please pray with the Malawi team for these graduates, that they will continue their studies and make a big impact on their communities through the knowledge they have gained. Check out the links from Joseph at the bottom of the post to experience some of the graduation ceremony. Here is what Joseph had to say about the exciting day:

“We have truly seen the hand of the LORD here in Malawi this year. He has been faithful and good to us in so many ways. Our hearts are full of gratitude for this season of celebration that the LORD has blessed us with. And we are also so thankful that the LORD has brought us together to partner in the important work of helping the Malawian Grace Church train godly and effective leaders who will lead local churches and ministries in ways that bear much fruit and bring glory to the LORD.

“On Saturday, June 22, we held our third graduation since Malawi Grace Bible Schools began in April of 2013. Five students graduated and we had the first female graduates! It is truly a joy thing as we see these people commit themselves to the service of the LORD. Please pray by name for Alepha Phiri (Lady), Evance Malongo, Ezekiel Lazarus, McDonald Kadzombe and Patricia Bandah (Lady) who just graduated. Kindly ask the LORD to use these men and women to transform communities as they live out what they have learned so far. They just completed their first year of studies and obtained Certificates of Ministry. Also, please pray that they will successfully proceed through to the third and final year of studies.”


Please click FACULTY PROCESSION to watch the Faculty of Malawi Grace Bible Schools walk into the Ceremony.

Clicking GRADUATES PROCESS will show you the procession of the jubilant graduates.

Please be ready to dance when you click GRADUATE DANCE.

Click CERTIFICATE to see a graduate receive his certificate amidst chants of joy.

PRAISE to the LORD could not be absent from the ceremony.

The remarks by the STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE warmed our hearts.

Everything that begins, ENDS, as we proceed out of the ceremony.

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