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God Causes the Growth in Tanzania

God Causes the Growth in Tanzania

GMI team members Ted and Kim Rabenold have dedicated much of their lives to impacting the Rukwa Valley for Christ.  Teaching Tanzanians better methods for growing food and using the God-given resources around them to better their families’ lives while also teaching them about their Creator go hand in hand.  This holistic approach to ministry is bearing much fruit from papayas to salvation among those reached through the Rabenolds’ life-changing ministry.

The following are couple of brief accounts from the Rabenolds’ most recent update:

Juma, a fruit salesman from Ilemba, jogs 13 Kilometers to our training venue when he needs to buy papayas and bananas for his fruit stand. He loves the exercise!

Crispin and Philbert are the two youngest guys on our discipleship team. They both herded cows before joining our team. Philbert never attended school. Since becoming part of our team Philbert (on right) has learned to read and write; he has also become less fearful and has decided to place his hope in Christ. Upon visiting his home village of Matai last month, he told me that he changed so much since leaving there two years ago that people he knew didn’t even recognize him.

Banner photo: View of the training venue at Nsanga Village in the Rukwa Valley.

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