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Givemore’s Pictorial Update from Malawi

Givemore’s Pictorial Update from Malawi

While the men were figuring out how to get the car through the muddy road, Sylvia Nyakambiri took the moment to share the gospel with ladies who were gathering grain for food for the day. Little did we know that this was a clue of what was going to unfold later in our journey — the unfolding of the hunger story in Doa, Mozambique. We made use of every opportunity to share the gospel.

We are stuck but the gospel isn’t. We may have been stuck for such a purpose as this. Pastor Banana shared the gospel in Portuguese with these young men who ended up “digging” our car out of the clay mud where it was stuck. We slept here over night. Sylvia had to walk 4 kilometers with J-Nathan on her back to a nearby lodge.


As we continued experiencing the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, every opportunity was maximized. It was Easter on the road for us. Youth helped to dig the car out of the mud because the roads were impassable. We lost our first tire in the middle of who knows where.


A truck came to our rescue by towing us at one point.

Where there is a will there is a way!!  Evangelist Shimaniko and I even cleared the road with hoes.


GMI reached out to the communities with the grace of God. This widow shows us the only food she has available. This is sorghum. Maize fields were swept away with the heavy rains caused by Cyclone Idai. Her story is like that of so many other widows God gave us the privilege of hearing their story.

This picture shows two homes destroyed by the cyclone with only a fireplace remaining in one and the main bedroom in another.




This widow lives with her three daughters–one has an infant who narrowly escaped death when their house collapsed. All we helped them with is maize and a bottle of cooking oil soap, among a few other things. We gave a plastic to cover the top of their main bedroom. My heart still aches at the condition this woman lives in with her children and no shelter.



Sylvia, the village chief (in yellow), with this widow, whose house collapsed, stand in front of the fallen structure.

And below everyone is all smiles as we donated bags of maize, roofing plastic, and sugar to the villagers and the church.

Please continue to pray for these dear people of Malawi — some have lost everything they own including their crops for their next year of food. If you would like to give a financial gift to help provide maize for those who still have time to replant their crops, roofing plastic, and sugar, you may click HERE to give to the Malawi Relief Project.

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