Givemore and Sylvia Nyakambiri

I was born in a family of eight and I am the firstborn. My family and I stayed in Kadoma, northwest of Harare. This is the same town where Sylvia and her parents lived. It is also the town where we married in 1998. During one of Kennedy Simtowe’s visits to Norton, Zimbabwe, in 1999 Sylvia and our first daughter, Tarsha-Naj, were introduced to the Grace Gospel Message. Our family began attending Zambia Grace Bible College in 2000. We came back home and planted a church in Chinhoyi in 2001 and a few years later planted another one in Kariba. My family and I have worked in Chinhoyi since then. In 2004, GMI sent me to Mozambique for a short missions trip. Pastoring the church in Chinhoyi was my main occupation after returning from Mozambique in late 2004. I went to Zambia to study missions at ProChristo Global Missions (now OM) in 2008 and Sylvia studied at the same college in 2009 and graduated with a diploma. We went back to Chinhoyi in 2010 and continued pastoring until 2013 before we moved to Malawi. I graduated from African Bible College with a degree in Biblical Studies and minored in Community Development. The calling to missions became strong when we were in Mozambique and since then the desire to serve God where Christ Jesus is not preached fully was cemented in our hearts. Whether we were in Chinhoyi or anywhere God wanted us, equipping others for the ministry in teaching, leadership training, and counselling remained paramount. Sylvia connects with ladies by teaching sewing, equipping ladies with ways to run their homes with the little they have, as well as how they can proactively help in their homes with very small businesses. She and the other ladies were able to help the church with finances in Chinhoyi.

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Givemore – February 9
Sylvia– May 9
Tarsha-Naj – June 29, 1999
Heather – November 17, 2002
Ash-Berac – August 28, 2008
J-Nathan – December 1, 2012
March 18
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