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Devastating Storm in Mozambique and Malawi

Devastating Storm in Mozambique and Malawi

The following was sent from “Jack and Jane” serving with GMI in Malawi on January 28.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters who have been terribly affected by the cyclone which hit Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi. Heavy rains and strong winds have caused devastating damage in Malawi, and especially in the southern part of the country. The country is facing challenges with electricity due to damaged transformers and power lines. In the Yao Land, we have not only lost churches but also houses and crops. Some of our key team members have lost their houses and are going through a very difficult time with their families as the rains continue.

1. Please pray for provision for temporary and safe shelter.
2. Pray for provision for basic necessities such as: food, warm clothes/blankets for kids in the cold.
3. Pray for protection as the rains continue.
4. Pray that the followers of Christ will continue standing strong. Their faith is being tested as their Muslim neighbors are receiving help from different Muslim organizations.
5. Pray for provision for the rebuilding of the damaged churches so believers can continue meeting for worship and mutual encouragement.

Thank you so much for praying!

A woman whose home was damaged is picking grain from the ruins.

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