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DAR (Give, Help, Rescue) Ministries in Bolivia

DAR (Give, Help, Rescue) Ministries in Bolivia

The DAR ministry started in the hearts of a few members of the Emanuel Church in Bolivia about a year and a half ago when they observed a community of homeless people living in the canal near the church. The monthly ministry serves the needs of the homeless by providing: first aid, showers, haircuts, clothes, food, and also a word of encouragement by sharing the love of Christ and the eternal hope that only He provides.

Currently, Bolivia is under lockdown due to Covid-19, so the church cannot open its door to serve the homeless. Therefore, the DAR team has developed a new plan to help the homeless. They are now preparing meals and going to where the people are. One of the leaders is a doctor who has permission to drive during the lockdown, so they have been able to go to different areas of the city.

As they delivered meals, they have become more aware of the desperate situation for many of these people. Some mentioned they have not had anything to eat for three days. It breaks our hearts to perceive the despair of so many people. Because the lockdown will continue at least until the beginning of May, those who serve in this ministry are looking for different ways through which they can minister to these homeless individuals.

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