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ATV Wheelchair Distribution Update

ATV Wheelchair Distribution Update

Here are some comments from people who attended the distribution of the ATV wheelchairs.

Batister, Director of GCDE (Grace Community Development & Education) shared:

“Thank you for your prayers, the ATV wheel chair distribution went very well, we thank God. We had a very good meeting, all 15 wheelchairs were distributed today, from the names we have, 5 missed, they will be given first priority next year for the will of God. Hodari is represented by four members lead by Ted. Both Hodari and GCDE had an opportunity to share our program for the people to be aware also Government officers (District commissioner and Community development officer) had an opportunity to speak.”


Ted Rabenold, GMI Team Member in Tanzania, reported:

“Great Day with the excellent GCDE team!” and, “Great day with our wheelchair distribution service here in Sumbawanga. What fun special people we met today!”

So all 15 of the ATV wheelchairs were distributed and there is a waiting list for next year if we do it again. GCDE will have follow-up opportunities with the recipients and be able to provide additional training and partnership opportunities for others associated with those who received these life-changing wheelchairs this week.

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