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A Full Month of Ministry – May 2021

A Full Month of Ministry – May 2021

This information comes from Brook Seekins’ recent Mailchimp update but it is so full of good information that I wanted to share it with everyone whether you are on her list or not:

Preparing for Upcoming Events

As with any ministry, preparations are often what goes on behind the scenes to make everything run as well as possible. The last few weeks have been very full with such preparations. Finding time in everyone’s busy schedules to meet for practice or planning has been a big part of my past few weeks!

In a couple days we will start these events and I would love to have you all join us in prayer and praise. In all of these upcoming events we have opportunities to train new leaders as well as to encourage those that have more experience in these areas. We are thankful for all these opportunities!

On Saturday, May 22, my co-worker, Emmanuela, has a big graduation for her Home Economic students! We have been tasked with preparing the praise team for the ceremony. With one of our key musicians graduating from the school herself, she has helped to train others to fill in for her, including 10 yr old Jonathan. We have been meeting weekly to help them practice and to plan with all the vocalists.
Pray for all the last-minute details of preparing for this big event! The Tent is going up tomorrow! Praise the Lord for all those who have finished this course.

On Sunday, the Youth Group will be leading the church service.  We have missed some practices because of funerals and school schedules.  Some are nervous and we hope they will not drop out last minute! They will even be teaching the morning Sunday School class and giving the sermon! Pray for the youth as they prepare for their service.

On Sunday afternoon and Monday morning we will be having a meeting with all the GMI Missionaries in Malawi. We have some decisions to make and plans to set.  There have been meetings already to set agendas and prepare proposals that will be submitted to the group. Pray for all the preparations yet to be done as well as wisdom in our meeting.

Wednesday through Saturday. Many of the missionaries and Bible School teachers will be teaching during this time. I will be teaching a short class on accountability and encouraging local leaders to support local youth, children’s, and women’s teachers in their churches and to hold them accountable to their ministries.  We have finished most of the curriculum writing but are still waiting for some of it to be translated into Chichewa. Pray for safe travels, all the preparations still to be done, and for a good time of fellowship and learning for all the pastors.

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