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News from Steve Sherman

News from Steve Sherman

It wasn’t long ago we posted that Steve Sherman had finished two Swahili literature projects and today we are posting another update. Steve continues to work hard every day on his Swahili literature projects which are so needed in Tanzania and other countries where Swahili is spoken. He is using an office at Celebration Bible Church which was graciously given to him to use while the Shermans are here in the States.

Steve recently finished two more books bringing the total to 11 completed books. Planting New Churches is the product of Steve teaching a course at Tanzania Grace Bible Institute (TGBI) for many years. It lays out a 10-step plan for planting churches following the Pauline Cycle as shown in the book of Acts. It is an introduction to church planting designed to be used by a small group of churches to plant another church.

Women of the Good News – 10 Principles to Help Women Fulfill Their Christian Responsibilities was developed by GMI missionary Sue Vinton in the Congo. It teaches 10 biblical principles through the lives of 10 women in the Bible.

We praise the Lord that Steve has been able to produce these books during his time here in the U.S. and pray that they will soon be in the hands of those who can benefit the most by reading them.

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