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Milestones reached in Malawi

Milestones reached in Malawi

The following comes from Joseph and Emmanuela Asong in Malawi after an exciting ceremony to celebrate the graduation of Emmanuela’s home economics, catering and entrepreneurship training students!


Saturday, November 23, 2019, witnessed another significant milestone in the history of the Grace Church in Malawi (GCM) and in the history of the presence of Grace Ministries International (GMI) in Malawi. Emmanuela graduated 39 students from her home economics, catering and entrepreneurship training. Emmanuela began the training early in 2017 and by the time her students graduated, they had each completed an average of 100 hours of training in the three disciplines that Emmanuela offers. This is a strategic ministry in Malawi as it speaks to the heart of real-life issues that Malawians face. Such issues include poverty, poor nutrition and the limited participation of women in the world of finances. We believe that through the training that Emmanuela offers, women can be empowered to take better care of their homes as well as assist their husbands by bringing in much needed extra income to the family through participation in business. Furthermore, as this ministry reaches out both to Grace Church members and women from the general community, it serves as a powerful avenue for the sharing of the grace of God.

Occasions such as these are very strategic in that they help to project the Grace Church in Malawi as a credible ministry that is committed to ministering to the community in a holistic manner. Several chiefs and other community leaders were in attendance. As a matter of fact, one of the graduates is the wife of a chief!

Emmanuela has shared that she will begin a new class in March of 2020. Given the huge success that this first attempt has been, we are anticipating even a larger response next year. But we are not done yet with the class that just graduated. Emmanuela has shared her commitment to continuing to mentor them as they now transition into the implementation stage of their training. We have formed eight groups of five each (one group has four) and have given them names such as Team Love, Team Grace, Team Patience etc. These groups will work together as partners to run businesses using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired. As groups, they will support each other and be accountable to one another.


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