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Malawi Disaster Relief Update

Malawi Disaster Relief Update

The GMI Malawi team is grateful to each of you who have given to the Malawi Disaster Relief project. You are making a difference. The following is an update from GMI team member Brook Seekins:

“We have been working hard over the past month to research the real needs in each church. Sending a team of church leaders to survey the farm field”s, damaged homes, and to talk to people. Some areas are past the rainy season now, but other areas may have a few more weeks of rain yet this year. In those areas, they asked for seed in order to replant before the rains finish. That way they can at least harvest something this year.

After Easter we began working with local pastors and leaders to get these seeds in the hands of those who needed it most. This is the first step in helping those in need. The last two families will be receiving their seeds tomorrow (Tuesday, April 25).

We will then start to help in other ways which will include food for some and for some it will mean food later in the year, when the minimal amount they harvested after the rains did so much damage to their farms will run out and they will need food.

Until rains completely stop for the year, any building projects will wait. Then bricks will be molded and building will begin little by little.”

Here is a video sharing not only the devastation in Malawi, but also the progress towards helping those adversely affected.

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