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Clare & Nedra Hunt

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The Hunts are reentering missions!

Why are we doing so at retirement age? Nedra and I are former missionaries to Curacao, and we have been living and working in the Grand Rapids area for the last 22 years and are now nearing retirement from our blue collar jobs. Visits to Curacao and contact with the people there have kept our love for them and interest in their work alive.

We were honored with a visit from Carlos and Denise Brunk not so long ago. They had been living in Almere, Netherlands, and pastored the church they had helped develop. While here they told us about the exciting things happening with the fellowship in Almere. They asked us to consider assisting and encouraging the Grace believers in Almere. (“Come over and help us…” Acts 16:9.) Carlos also invited us to assist the churches in Curacao and the new church planned for Bonaire. We could not say no. We said we would come after retirement.

Their desire for assistance will be in the form of seminars, as well as study sessions in Bible survey, Grace doctrines, dispensational perspectives, salvation and assurance, and various other church growth themes. Because of their invitation and the Lord’s leading in our lives, we believe we are called back into missions. Lord willing, our projected dates of service will be: Almere-September & October 2013; Curacao-January & February 2014; Bonaire-March & April 2014.

It was easy to say yes to their invitation because of our commitment to Grace teaching and the Grace believers’ hunger for it. Seeing Carlos and Denise’s vision for Almere, Curacao, and Bonaire is exciting. Being invited to partner with them in church growth and development is a great honor.

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