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Brook – YIELD Malawi

Brook – YIELD Malawi

This update comes from Brook Seekins’ recent email. It has lots of good information about her ministries and what her day-to-day life is like in Malawi.

One Year

One year ago this week, everything seemed to stop. I remember being in the middle of Mission Conferences and finding out that the events of the next day were cancelled. And the events of the next weeks were soon to follow. We began to learn  how to worship “online” and share our mission reports in digital ways!  At the same time, we heard borders were closing and the travel plans both in the US and to places abroad changed for so many.  I had no idea that my original plan to return to Malawi in June would be postponed until November!  As many of us are still under restrictions and certain ways of life have become the new norm, we can be thankful. We can be content. We can still praise God.  No matter the circumstances, we still choose to praise and glorify God in all that we say and do!
Fast forward to 2021>>> I find myself in a much different situation. I am back in Malawi. There are still many COVID restrictions. Kids just recently returned to school after a second wave of the South African strain came into the country in the new year.  We limit certain events and gathers to less than 50. We have curfews in place in the city which have us home by 9 pm. Masks and handwashing are the norm.  But God is still good and doors of opportunity are still opening to serve Him.

This past month has been full. I am booked on the weekend with regular ministries that I do in the city churches  including teaching piano and guitar and helping with a local Youth group.  Rainy season is fully upon us with rains most afternoons. This has hindered our friends from Kamoyo village from joining youth group on most Sundays. But in the next month, the rains will slow and we hope to see them again. We were able to travel to their village recently and have youth group there. I was encouraged by the local kids who made plans to eat lunch together right after church so they could start the 1 hour walk on time in order to reach the village and encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ.  A few of us drove and we ended up meeting a funeral in one of the villages along the way which caused us to find a detour and we came into class as they had already started teaching!  I’m thankful for Mark and Chifundo who are doing a great job leading the group. Pray for the youth as they continue to learn and grow in the Bible.

My weekdays keep me busy as I continue to learn Chichewa, write curriculum, and attend meetings.  Recently we had a meeting with the missionaries on the field.  It was encouraging to pray together and to plan together and see how we can move forward. We are thankful for modern technology that allowed for those that couldn’t be physically present to digitally join us.  Praise the Lord for a great team to work with in Malawi.

The following week I took part in the national Grace Church in Malawi council meetings. As we continue to train national leaders, the first day and a half were spent in a leadership training seminar.   I was given an afternoon to teach and train about certain topics. The last day and a half were devoted to a board meeting. it was the first time for me to attend as other missionaries usually are in that role. I learned a lot about our national leaders– most was very encouraging, some opened my eyes to see how much work there is still to do in training more leaders to fill all the ministry opportunities before us!  Pray for the leaders of the Grace Church in Malawi and for the missionaries as we strive to strengthen local churches and leaders.

As we continue to develop curriculum for the Youth and for other areas of the church, pray for wisdom and grace. It means lots of meetings and research. It will mean translation work and editing in the future. With so many interruptions and other opportunities to serve, we hope to keep on task!

Thanks so much for your regular prayers and support!


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