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Ted with the District Commissioner and others

On January 16, there was a great service at the District Commissioner’s office where six handicapped bicycles were gifted to local individuals in the Rukwa Valley of Tanzania. The District Commissioner can be seen in the photo to the left wearing the flowered shirt.

Thank you to those who gave to this project in the Christmas Catalog. Six handicapped bicycles were purchased with the donated funds. The Rabenolds are so grateful for your generosity which has impacted struggling people in Tanzania! It has allowed them to develop good relationships with local authorities who are happy to see the handicapped helped.

Another photo on the day the handicapped bicycles were given out
Ted getting the bicycles off the top of the vehicle
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Brook Seekins had planned all along to travel to Malawi from her time in the States and get somewhat settled before heading to Tanzania to pick up a truckload of her belongings that were left behind in her hasty departure many months ago. She was looking forward to seeing her old friends and praying the truck would easily cross the Tanzania/Malawi border, but first she needed help to load it up. Thankfully, plenty of friends showed up to pack the truck which made it easily across the border and it is now on it’s way to Lilongwe, Malawi.

Below are several photos that Brook shared of seeing her friends, loading the truck, driving to the border, crossing the river with Tanzania on the right and Malawi on the left, and finally the truck safely in the lot on the Malawi side, and Brook on the bus to go back home to Malawi. Praise the Lord for His hand of protection over Brook and her belongings.






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