Developing a training program which can be handed over to the Bolivians to train future generations of church leaders is the goal of our missionaries and the national association of churches in Bolivia. One of the tools for accomplishing this is the training facility which will house three classrooms, a library, and an office for the director of the theological training program. GMI’s commitment to this project is $38,540.

Amount Needed: $38540

Ted and Kim Rabenold need a “newer” used vehicle as a tool to continue and grow the work in Tanzania which the Lord has given them to do. Imagine all the lives that have been changed through their ministry, and those who the Lord is yet to reach through His willing servants. The total needed is $39,750.

Amount Needed: $39750

Power outages are normal in the neighborhood where the Grace Church in Malawi head offices are located. A 12-volt battery system would provide lights and minimal electricity for the church and Bible school offices

Amount Needed: $1365

A motorcycle would enable the chairman and his staff members to travel more frequently to visit local churches and their pastors. The majority of Grace churches are hard to reach by public transportation, so a motorcycle would make the churches more accessible to the chairman and his team.

Amount Needed: $1700

When you give, know that your money will enable the ministries of the Bible schools, evangelism, and Bible teaching to run more efficiently. There are often times that we cannot make these trips to the needy areas of Malawi due to a lack of funds and it is hard to plan when we are not sure when and where these funds will come from. We are looking for partners to pledge $710 monthly for two years or give $17,000 in one-time gifts. These funds will be used by all GMI missionaries in Malawi to evangelize, start new churches, and train leaders.

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Amount Needed: $17000

A nine-day trip to a teaching center in Malawi where two Bible classes or a seminar would be taught during the week, preaching on two Sundays, and 4-5 outdoor evangelism meetings would take place in the evenings.

Amount Needed: $512

Two shops would be built into the existing wall of one of the church properties. They would be rented out to small businesses to provide income for church ministries.

Amount Needed: $1700

Tom and Michelle Sanchez are currently raising their support to be U.S.-based missionaries in Burundi which is a small country in Central Africa. They will actually be opening this new field for Grace Ministries International after spending about a year in Zambia working with the national church leaders there. They need to raise money for a sturdy vehicle that will get them around on roads that are much bumpier than the nicely paved roads you find here in the States.

Amount Needed: $22300

Help believers in Tanzania to understand their Bibles better and to grow in Christ.  GMI missionary Steve Sherman is translating Craig MacDonald’s book, “Understanding Your Bible,” which gives Christians the basic foundations for interpreting the Word of God. It will cost $1,750 to professionally print 500 copies of this important book which helps establish believers in their faith.

$1,750/500 copies

Amount Needed: $1750

A Computer Lab for Grace International Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (GIBNAPS) is a strong outreach project for Cameroon. Every serious and forward-looking school in Cameroon has a computer lab and those that do not can suffer from enrollment setbacks. With a computer lab GIBNAPS will boost its image and attract more pupils. The current population of the school stands at 260 pupils. One computer will cost $415. We believe that one computer can service at least 45 pupils in a week. This means that this particular project will need at least 6 sets.

Amount Needed: $2490

The Grace Church of Tanzania operates Bible Schools in ten different locations throughout the country. Each school teaches eight 3-week modules over a two-year period. To graduate 10-20 students from one of these schools costs $1,450.GMI strives to cover $420 of this budget with the Grace Churches of Tanzania covering the rest. Helping with less than 30% of their overall budget is a tremendous encouragement and enables them to keep equipping leaders for the work of the church.


Amount Needed: $4200

GMI is currently involved in two church plants in the city of Mwanza. It is a struggle for new believers to build their own church.  You can encourage them by committing to help roof these churches after they themselves have put significant effort into building floors, walls, doors, and windows—$1100 is enough to buy three bundles of corrugated tin and the boards necessary to roof a single church.

Amount Needed: $2200

Though GMI has not had a missionary presence in Congo since 2013, GMI continues to maintain a relationship with the Grace Churches in Congo. Evangelists from the churches will often walk, ride bikes, take motorcycles, and navigate the rivers of this country to share the gospel in the remotest villages. These men go door-to-door, show films, work in schools, and employ a variety of other methods to share about Christ’s death and resurrection as the only sacrifice for sins. From time to time, the Grace Churches in Congo request financial help for these evangelistic efforts. GMI’s goal is to raise $5,000 for these ongoing projects.

Amount Needed: $5000

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful….” We believe in God’s Word and its transformative power and want to get it into people’s hands in their mother tongue. The Treasure is a portable device which carries an audible version of the Bible in a particular language. The Treasure is intended to reach oral learners and people who may not be able to read a Bible on their own. There is a built-in solar panel on the back of The Treasure to recharge the battery. Your gift of $17 will give the Word of God in audio form in the language of people who cannot read. This is an ongoing project.

Amount Needed: $5100

GMI regularly receives requests from our fields for a pastor or church leader who has a special medical need.  While their situation might be easily remedied here in the United States, it is more difficult to obtain the same treatment, procedure, or surgery in the country where they live. In order to continue to share God’s love through acts of mercy, GMI’s goal is to raise $5,000 to help with these special medical needs.

Amount Needed: $5000

SIDO, a company in Dar es Salaam, is making wheelchairs for people living in Tanzania who need help getting around. It is quite an amazing place with 3-4 men—with limited use of their legs from either accidents or polio—working with grinders and welders making 3-wheel wheelchairs that are quite strong and durable using bike parts! The wheelchairs last through 5-6 years of hard use in Tanzania in off road conditions and are easily repaired by simply buying bike parts locally and swapping out the broken parts for new ones. The cost to buy and transport a 3-wheel wheelchair 700 miles to the Rukwa Valley is $600. There are several people in the remote Rukwa Valley who could really benefit from using one of these wheelchairs.

Amount Needed: $2400

Many people in Tanzania are living on less than $2 per day. Your scholarship donation provides the training and mentoring to help them move ahead. The business lessons are based on a biblical worldview and provide participants with the skills and resources to develop sustainable business skills and break the cycle of poverty. Grace Community Development & Education, created through the leadership of GMI missionary Mike Caraway, provides the business training.

Amount Needed: $500

A man or a woman and his or her family in Tanzania will benefit greatly from farming training. The “hands on” classes of Farming God’s Way teach improved techniques which are helping people attain greater harvests and become better stewards of the God-given resources they have. Grace Community Development & Education (GCDE), created through the leadership of GMI missionary Mike Caraway, provides this essential farming training. Each scholarship is $25. This is an ongoing project.

Amount Needed: $500

When Jerry and Sandi arrive in Paraguay the end of this coming summer, they will need to attend language school in order to communicate effectively with the people living in that country. The amount of $10,000 covers the cost of both of them to complete the training. Being able to speak the language of the people where God has placed our missionaries increases the ability for them to have an effective ministry among those living in that country.

Amount Needed: $10000

Help people in the Malawi churches affiliated with GMI living with HIV/AIDS start small businesses to help them generate some income to meet their basic needs. Most of these people die early because of malnutrition while they are on ARVs (antiretroviral drugs). Some of the businesses they can do include: chicken rearing, gardening, and selling foodstuffs at local markets.

The project will provide loans to 8 families for a total of $960, each family receiving a $120 loan.

Amount Needed: $960

Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania and is strategically located near the borders of Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Congo. GMI is partnering with the Grace Church of Tanzania to send both GMI and Tanzanian missionaries to the region to plant churches and reach the areas surrounding Mwanza with the gospel. Already the Grace Church of Tanzania has contacts, a couple of affiliated churches in the area, and is investing financially in this new outreach. The amount of $7,500 will support a Tanzanian missionary family and provide funds for ministry projects in the Mwanza region for one year.

Amount Needed: $7500

It is time to build a church/ministry center in Nicaragua. Milo and Raquel Seravalli have been using their home as a church and a place for youth meetings and children’s clubs. They also host men’s and women’s groups and have over 20 in attendance for their Saturday evening worship services and Bible studies.

Amount Needed: $22700

GMI Partner Eric Mango is planning two survey trips in 2015 to potential GMI fields: Mozambique and Botswana.  The purpose of these trips is to investigate the possibility of future GMI ministries in these countries.

Amount Needed: $2215

Children, young people, and adults in Tanzania who cannot read and write could receive four days of classes per week under the tutelage of a literacy teacher. Some of those who have received these classes have re-entered the school system and received a formal education. Others have started small businesses to help their families—$60 helps to pay a literacy teacher for an entire month—$15 helps to provide chalk, pens and paper for three months of classes.

This project is ongoing.

Amount Needed: $1200

To increase the salary of a Zambian teacher in one of the schools operated in conjunction with Grace Ministries International from $80 to $400 per month, he or she must be certified by the government. Certification requires education costing $2,500. Once a teacher receives the certification and the greater pay, he or she will pay back the loan over the course of three years allowing another teacher to receive the same blessing. Your gift could bless several teachers many times over raising their level of education which would benefit their students and enable them to provide a better quality of life for their families. This project is ongoing.

Amount Needed: $2500

Help the women of the Grace Church of Malawi engage in entrepreneurial enterprises so they can support and grow the women’s ministry. Through a training program women will be equipped to start small businesses so they can sell prepared foods that will help generate a small income that will contribute to the growth of their ministry. Women will also be trained to use sewing machines so they can make dresses and jerseys which can be sold to people around the community or school uniforms that can be supplied to schools. Some of the items and equipment needed for this project are sewing machines, a wheel barrow, hoes, charcoal grills, cooking utensils, and stationery.

Amount Needed: $2140

Every year in July the GMI-affiliated churches in Costa Rica put on KidsGames which is an outreach where 300-400 kids from Alajuela and 250 kids from Belén, ages 6-12 years, come each day during the week to learn godly values from the Bible and a skill in some particular area such as a sport or a craft. Each child receives a colorful shirt at the beginning of the week to indicate they are part of KidsGames. Many families have started to attend each of the churches over the years because of this event where children hear the Word of God, play games, and sing while Christ is the center. We are currently raising funds for the 2017 KidsGames in Alajuela and Belén.

Amount Needed: $3250

One of the pillars of GMI’s vision for the next 10 years is to open eight new fields. In order to do so we need funds available to take survey and ministry trips into new countries for the purpose of investigating the potential for beginning a new work and to make contacts in the target country with whom we can serve to start a new ministry.

Amount Needed: $10000

Puerto Rico – Raise funds for equipment, facilities, and programming of the after-school center. This is an ongoing project. (Kaylah Fosnot)

Amount Needed: $10000

$50 donations to help kids from the barrio (neighborhood) go to camp! Most of the kids who receive these scholarships are from low-income families who can’t afford to pay the money for camp. This money will be used to help kids who are regular attenders of Club Maravilla and our Bible program.

Amount Needed: $2000

Tanzania – Help a mother who was injured in childbirth 

At times during the birthing process a woman’s body is damaged and she is not able to control her urine. These ladies are ostracized in Tanzania and cannot participate in normal daily activities. The problem affects the woman’s marriage and her relationships. For $150 your gift will provide the necessary surgery to allow a mother to return as a productive member of society. Through gifts like yours 33 mothers have received this life-changing surgery in the past year! This is an ongoing project.

Amount Needed: $6000

Tanzania – A gift of $150 will provide a Tanzanian with transportation to a medical facility and the necessary surgery to repair his/her palate. This surgery is life altering, but the $150 is an insurmountable sum for many Tanzanians to pay. Already, this program has helped many children and their families. Your gifts have helped provide 22 life-changing surgeries in the past year! This project is ongoing.

Amount Needed: $6000

All Countries:  GMI has regional Bible schools and Bible institutes which serve to train men and women to effectively evangelize and minister to their neighbors.  In many ways, theological education is the main pillar of our effort to multiply the Lord’s work through GMI around the world.  Tanzania has both regional Bible schools and Tanzania Grace Bible Institute.  In Malawi a new Bible school has formed to train the pastors and leaders of the 30 churches there.  Plans are being discussed to begin regional Bible schools in Zambia.  In Costa Rica, Grace Bible Institute has graduated men and women serving as leaders in their churches and even missionaries to other fields.  Donations for this project help to offset the cost of materials, teachers, and tuition.

Project cost – $5,490/year. This is an ongoing project.

Amount Needed: $5490