Are we with Him or against Him? Confronting His adversaries, Jesus drew a line in the sand dividing everyone into two groups — those who stand with Him and those who stand opposed to Him. Pushing anyone who may have thought they were on the fence into one camp or the other, Jesus makes the dividing line even brighter declaring, “…he who does not gather with me scatters” (Luke 11:23). When it comes to evangelism, we are either among those who are gathering, or we are part of the problem — those who are scattering. There is no middle ground.

Grace Ministries International seeks to gather people from all across the world to Christ as our missionaries empower local believers to evangelize, plant churches, and train others as they share God’s love. The following are just a few recent examples of exciting things happening on our fields.

In January, 17 people professed their faith in Jesus Christ at an evangelism event in Senga Bay, Malawi, which was led by GMI missionary Bill Vinton and a team of Malawians. Two of these new believers returned the next day to hear more about God’s Word. Over the Easter weekend, Bill and GMI missionary Givemore Nyakambiri traveled to Zimbabwe where they taught and preached in the cities of Chinoyi and Musalabani.

GMI missionaries Ted and Kim Rabenold, serving in Tanzania, recount a recent conversion of one of their part-time workers, Frenki Fungamali, who has helped out at the Agriculture Outreach Center over the last year: “He has been inquiring about our faith for the past two months. He has been in close contact with our team of men and seen in a short time that they relate to each other differently than others in the village. I, as well as others on our team, have had the opportunity to speak to him about Christ. Two weeks ago both he and his wife trusted in Christ for their salvation and future. It was refreshing to see him contemplating Christ’s claims for a period of time before making their decision.”

Last month, GMI missionaries Carlos and Denise Brunk changed the format of their radio program from a weekly to a daily broadcast in an effort to gather even more unto Christ on the island of Bonaire and beyond. Also in March, GMI missionary Brett Chapman began teaching Bible institute classes in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Please pray for our GMI missionaries serving around the world involved in evangelism, leadership training, preaching, teaching, community development, and many other areas of ministry.

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The following prayer request was written by GMI missionary Steve Sherman and was sent out to the Shermans’ email list in “The Sherman Safari.” We want to share this prayer request with all of you as well so you can be informed and pray for this church in Tanzania, too


We are asking you to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mwankuba, Mwanza, Tanzania.

This morning during their three-day Easter Conference there was a heavy rain with high winds that knocked down the Mwankuba church during their worship service.

Pastor Methodi Mwendapole says that several members were rushed to the hospital in Magu about an hour away. Methodi himself hurt his back and was hit in the head by a board. Pictured below is another pastor from the Nyashimba church who was also hit in the head.


This weekend these young churches (4 church plants and 1 established church) gathered together for three days of preaching, singing, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

Steve was the main speaker at last year’s celebration in the village of Igadya (pictured above and below).

These annual gatherings are very important for the growth and encouragement of these young churches. Please pray for those who were injured. Pray also that the whole group will be encouraged and especially the Mwankuba church plant who will be discouraged that the church they built just ten months ago has been destroyed.

Thank you,

Steve and Barb Sherman




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Brook Seekins had planned all along to travel to Malawi from her time in the States and get somewhat settled before heading to Tanzania to pick up a truckload of her belongings that were left behind in her hasty departure many months ago. She was looking forward to seeing her old friends and praying the truck would easily cross the Tanzania/Malawi border, but first she needed help to load it up. Thankfully, plenty of friends showed up to pack the truck which made it easily across the border and it is now on it’s way to Lilongwe, Malawi.

Below are several photos that Brook shared of seeing her friends, loading the truck, driving to the border, crossing the river with Tanzania on the right and Malawi on the left, and finally the truck safely in the lot on the Malawi side, and Brook on the bus to go back home to Malawi. Praise the Lord for His hand of protection over Brook and her belongings.






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Ted and Kim Rabenold have been serving in Tanzania since 1991. All three of the Rabenolds’ adult children—Colton, Sierra and Savannah—grew up in Tanzania. They learned to speak Swahili and settled in the remote southwest Rukwa region where they began pioneering work.

The ministry is aimed at impacting the “whole man” physically and spiritually. The Rabenolds have developed two mission stations, the first one in Mumba village and then in Kapenta village, where they constructed a Bible college, a vo-tech school, a lay Bible training center, and a health center. With their excellent team of Tanzanian leaders they are developing water projects, sunflower oil presses (to help farmers diversify their income), fish farming, beekeeper training, livestock improvement projects, and horticultural work. They are also introducing new species of high-yield fruit trees, together with conservation agriculture training. Spiritual outreach work includes: teaching local women marketable skills and Bible, doing evangelism by boat to fishing villages along the lake, and encouraging and overseeing church planting of indigenous national churches.

As Ted and Kim Rabenold move to another part of the Rukwa Valley in Tanzania to begin a new outreach, they will need funds to construct an agriculture training center, build their home, and acquire the necessary equipment to get this new ministry started. The amount of $209,090 will enable them to build their home, buy a tractor with a five-ton tipper, build a training center workshop, install a water and irrigation system, construct a dorm facility with a kitchen and dining area, send a shipping container with tools and tractor implements, erect a wind turbine for the dorm, and install a solar system. If you are interested in donating to this project, click HERE.

To read the Rabenolds March Update, click HERE.

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The Women’s Day Exhibition is happening right now in Sumbawanga, Tanzania. Grace Community Development & Education (GCDE) is one of the participants encouraging women in small business through a regional trade fair designed to let women know about opportunities for training and development. GCDE is displaying various products like peanut butter, liquid soaps, batiks, and healthy porridge mix. All of these products and others are part of GCDE’s “hands on” training program.

GCDE staff, board members, and university interns are at the booth to discuss various training opportunities, including Farming God’s Way and Business As Mission.

Please pray for GCDE and the women and men they are in contact with at this time.



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