Grace Ministries International has three couples serving in Paraguay as part of the missionary team in Ciudad del Este – Jerry and Sandi Bomers; Alex and Deltha Gulart; and Talo and Patty Vergara. According to the 2002 census, 89.6% of all Paraguayans 10 years of age and older identified themselves as Catholics. Evangelical Christianity accounts for less than 10% of the population. GMI’s ministry began in Paraguay in 2015.

The Grace Ministries International missionary team in Paraguay is starting off 2018 wanting to expand its reach into new parts of the country. The initial church plant in Ciudad del Este is finding its stride with a solid core of attendees and new people visiting regularly. In fact, seven new people—two couples and three individuals—attended the church for the first time this past Sunday.  Even as the church continues to establish itself, the missionary team is looking to conduct Bible studies and ministry trips in the city of Caaguazú which is strategically located at the halfway point on the highway between Asunción and Ciudad del Este. Attendees of the church in Ciudad del Este had contacts in Caaguazú which the church and our missionary team are pursuing in order to test the possibility of planting a church there.

Here is a link to a video showing the city of Caaguazú so you can get a feel for what the city is like:!As33BobO6RLlguNv5hbm0LyamG_RtQ

NOTE: The picture above is of one of the roads going into the city of Caaguazú.

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Our God is a patient God. He doesn’t get angry at our questions. Why, God?

Just this morning we heard the news…again.

Another GMI MK has been diagnosed with leukemia. J-Nathan Nyakambiri in Malawi has been struggling with his health for quite some time. He is only five years old. Why, God?

His mom Sylvia isn’t doing so well adjusting to this news she heard just yesterday and his dad Givemore needs prayer, too. They haven’t had time to absorb what they have heard, yet tomorrow Sylvia and J-Nathan have to go to the hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, which is much more barren than anything we’ve ever known as a hospital and they must stay there 24/7 for the next six weeks for chemotherapy…with Mom caring for J-Nathan and staying right by his side.

Our hearts are breaking for this family…BUT we know we have a sovereign God who can work miracles.

Would you PLEASE join us in prayer for J-Nathan?

We will update you as more information becomes available.

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Steve and Barb Sherman, GMI missionaries to Tanzania, did an email update this week about their Swahili Literature Ministry and I would like to share with you what they said about the progress that is being made. First and foremost is the title of this post – THREE MORE BOOKS DONE!

Steve shared, “‘Meaningless! Meaningless! all is Meaningless!’ assessed the writer of Ecclesiastes. Every day I sit at my desk and think the exact opposite. There is no question it is tedious work translating, editing, and formatting. But the voice in my head cries, ‘Value! Value! Such far-reaching, long-term value!'”

The first book completed is Foundational Teachings (Mafundisho ya Msingi) which includes 25 biblical topics that are important for the Christian to understand. Steve says he keeps plugging away on these books because he knows that God has uniquely positioned him to do the job. He has the training, experience, and personality needed to complete the task. Are you doing something for God that you know you are uniquely gifted to do?

The second book Steve listed is Give Yourself Completely (Ujitoe Kabisa) which is about teachings on giving to God as a Christian. It is a study on stewardship. When Steve and Barb were in Tanzania serving as missionaries and teachers, Steve struggled to find Swahili textbooks that would help the pastoral students grow and learn. This book will help fill a tremendous void.

The third book is written by Dr. Samuel Vinton who was a missionary in Congo, Executive Director of Grace Ministries International, and also president of Grace Bible College. The title of the book is The Grace of God (Neema Ya Mungu) and it is a study of the role that God’s grace plays in salvation, sanctification, and glorification.

Continue to pray for Steve and Barb Sherman as they are unable to return to Tanzania at this time. Pray for Steve as he continues his work on the Swahili Literature Ministry!

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On January 4, Juana Diaz Bible Church in cooperation with Camp Caribe, Club Maravilla, and another local church in Ponce, went to the town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, to deliver blankets, Christian literature, firstaid kids, and solar-powered radios. Club Maravilla, directed by GMI missionary April Sykes, provided “Bags of Hope” or bags of necessities to encourage Puerto Ricans who are still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. This project was designed with the purpose of letting people know about God’s love and provision in the midst of everything they are enduring. Adjuntas was one of the hardest hit areas. The church is planning to visit another town on the island with the supplies they have left.

Here is a link to a video showing the joy on the faces of the people in Adjuntas, especially the children:


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“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me –the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace” (Acts 20;24).

It is with great joy that we share with you our move to the southern part of Malawi in Machinga district to reach the Yao people group with the good news of God’s grace.

In our three years of ministry in Malawi the Lord has on many occasions connected us to Muslims and over the past months the Lord has placed a burning desire in our hearts to reach the Yao (Muslims) with the gospel. The Yao people group is 99% Muslim. There are about two million Yaos in Malawi and they are one of the least reached people groups in Southern Africa. After much prayer, thoughts, and a few survey trips, our family is moving to Machinga (Yao Land) so we can share God’s love with them as we live among them.

This is a great opportunity the Lord has given us not only to encourage pastors and church leaders from the southern part of the country where most of our churches are, but also to work with them in reaching the Yaos with the gospel of God’s grace.

We will be living in a rural (village) setting, but there is a good house for us to live in and we will be using solar power for lights. You can see a picture of our neighborhood to the left. Near where we will be living there is a small trading center (market) where people from different villages come to sell foodstuffs from their gardens. There are some small shops where we can buy groceries and for major things we can access them in a nearby town called Lionde which is about a 45-minute drive. We also have access to good water.

As a family we are so excited to be part of what the Lord is doing in the Yao Land. Mercy and I are determined to follow the leading of the Lord in reaching the lost even if it means being out of our comfort zone. We have counted the cost and we still say “we will go.” Acts 20:24 has been more meaningful to us these days. Please pray for protection, wisdom, and guidance as we seek to make relationships with the Muslims. Pray that we will be quick in learning the Yao language, which is totally new to us.

Our prayer is that one day there will be Yaos around the throne of grace giving praise to the LAMB. We cannot thank you enough for your partnership in this. Because of your prayers and financial support we can go!

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