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GMI/BBI Future Missionary Scholarship Information

Grace Ministries International is offering a scholarship to study at the Berean Bible Institute ( for those who want to serve as missionaries with GMI. The scholarship would be awarded to those who would qualify for missionary service with GMI, but would still need requisite theological education. This scholarship is designed with those in mind who are already established in their career or profession, but now desire to serve on the mission field. Potential scholarship recipients would first apply to GMI as missionaries and, upon approval, would receive a scholarship to complete the Certificate of Basic Bible Studies (30-hour program) which can be earned entirely through distance studies. To inquire about this scholarship, contact the GMI office by phone (616-241-5666) or email (


Grace Ministries International is an evangelical, Bible-believing mission committed to sharing God’s grace with the world by bringing people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporating them into strong, self-sustaining churches. To promote and facilitate both recruitment and development of future missionaries, GMI has established the Future Missionary Scholarship.


Up to two new scholarships per year awarded to qualified and selected students. Scholarship amount will be $2000/year ($1000/semester or each 15 credit hours).


● The applicant must have a desire to apply to become a GMI missionary, though he or she does not currently meet the GMI requirements for biblical education.

● The GMI Home Office must believe that but for the lack of biblical education, the applicant would qualify for missionary service with GMI.

● The applicant must be able to articulate a statement of personal salvation.

● The applicant must demonstrate previous ministry experience and current involvement in ministry.

● The applicant must maintain a positive Christian testimony.

● The applicant must agree with the doctrinal statement of Grace Ministries International.

● The applicant must maintain a “B” average (or its equivalent) or higher during his or her studies at the Berean Bible Institute.


Applicants will contact the GMI Home Office, complete the U.S.-Based Missionary Application and interview with the GMI Board. Awards will be determined by the GMI Board after reviewing applications, supporting documentation, and conducting an interview. Students meeting the qualifications will be considered. New student scholarships will be awarded at the start of the student’s studies if the scholarship application is approved.


Students awarded the GMI/BBI Future Missionary Scholarship shall adhere to the following expectations:

● Maintain a “B” average (or its equivalent) or higher during the recipient’s studies at BBI.

● Maintain active involvement in the recipient’s church or ministry.

● Remain in communication with Grace Ministries International regarding the recipient’s studies and desire to serve in missions.