Three More Books Done!


Steve and Barb Sherman, GMI missionaries to Tanzania, did an email update this week about their Swahili Literature Ministry and I would like to share with you what they said about the progress that is being made. First and foremost is the title of this post – THREE MORE BOOKS DONE!

Steve shared, “‘Meaningless! Meaningless! all is Meaningless!’ assessed the writer of Ecclesiastes. Every day I sit at my desk and think the exact opposite. There is no question it is tedious work translating, editing, and formatting. But the voice in my head cries, ‘Value! Value! Such far-reaching, long-term value!'”

The first book completed is Foundational Teachings (Mafundisho ya Msingi) which includes 25 biblical topics that are important for the Christian to understand. Steve says he keeps plugging away on these books because he knows that God has uniquely positioned him to do the job. He has the training, experience, and personality needed to complete the task. Are you doing something for God that you know you are uniquely gifted to do?

The second book Steve listed is Give Yourself Completely (Ujitoe Kabisa) which is about teachings on giving to God as a Christian. It is a study on stewardship. When Steve and Barb were in Tanzania serving as missionaries and teachers, Steve struggled to find Swahili textbooks that would help the pastoral students grow and learn. This book will help fill a tremendous void.

The third book is written by Dr. Samuel Vinton who was a missionary in Congo, Executive Director of Grace Ministries International, and also president of Grace Bible College. The title of the book is The Grace of God (Neema Ya Mungu) and it is a study of the role that God’s grace plays in salvation, sanctification, and glorification.

Continue to pray for Steve and Barb Sherman as they are unable to return to Tanzania at this time. Pray for Steve as he continues his work on the Swahili Literature Ministry!

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