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Talo and Patty December 2016Talo Vergara began his full-time missionary service in Bolivia in February 2006. He was on loan to Movida, an organization focused on encouraging and empowering the youth of Latin America to serve the Lord in missions. Talo traveled throughout South America promoting missions at the CIMA conferences held in various countries and locations on the continent. He served in Central America promoting and preparing for conferences that took place in various countries.

Talo was born into a Catholic family in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, in 1982, his mother was invited to a Bible study at the home of former GMI missionaries Arnie and Sally Selfors. She would take Talo and his siblings to those meetings, and it was there that Talo accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of six years old. That Bible study grew into a church that Talo attended regularly throughout his younger years, and eventually he became one of the youth leaders there. As he saw his friends’ lives changed because of sharing his faith, it fueled his passion for Christ, and he realized he wanted to be involved in ministry for the rest of his life. However, he knew he needed to pursue some academic training.

Soon God opened the door for Talo to attend Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI, where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology Degree in Pastoral Ministries in May 2004. Part of his training required him to do an internship in Bolivia under the supervision of Frosty and Cathy Hansen. While there he was involved in several aspects of ministry, including teaching youth and adult Sunday school, preaching, participating in and directing youth meetings, discipleship, counseling, and organizing and leading a mission trip for short-term missionaries.

While serving on the field as a full-time missionary under GMI, Talo met Patty Diaz whom he married on July 15, 2016. She has also been accepted as a GMI missionary serving alongside Talo in the ministries under GMI. Talo and Patty have recently been assigned to Paraguay.

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