Malawi Bible School Multimedia Set Up

Malawi Bible School Multimedia Set Up


Teaching methodologies and learning is changing everywhere in the world. In order for Malawi Grace Bible Schools to stay relevant and continue to deliver quality theological education, they need to utilize all the media available in the field of delivering quality education. Doing this requires that they install a flat-screen TV in each of their two classrooms on the Lilongwe campus. They can easily use projectors when they travel to the campuses outside of Lilongwe. This project is an attempt to begin this process with one classroom in Lilongwe. The advantage of installing TVs at the Lilongwe campus is that it is less technical, and any lecturer with little knowledge of technology can use an HDMI cable to connect their laptop to the TV, opening up myriad of creative ways to improve teaching and learning. The plan is to mount metal lockers on the wall that will house these TVs so that anyone using the classroom can easily use the device if they have a key to the locker. Making the TVs a permanent fixture in the classrooms is also a deliberate plan to encourage lecturers to use the many multimedia resources available to improve their delivery of theological education.

The cost is $1,000 for one TV.

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