Fish Pond Nsanga Village Agricultural Center

Fish Pond Nsanga Village Agricultural Center


The training venue in Nsanga is for helping local people learn about different aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry and the Creator who made it all. One of these aspects is fish farming. GMI missionary Ted Rabenold would like to construct a 20×20 meter fish pond for farming tilapia, which will be used for training seminars. This pond will be 4 feet deep and have a clay bottom together with cement-reinforced sides. In this project the team will need to dig the pond by hand, purchase cement and reinforcing wire called weld mesh, haul clay and sand with their tractor, and pay construction costs.

This project will be a training venue for aspiring fish farmers who will be trained by visiting experts. It will be an inspiration for many who have never seen a fish pond.

Cost: $2,650.

$3,675 of $2,650 raised
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