Bible School Desks and Chairs – Malawi

Bible School Desks and Chairs – Malawi


Since its inception, the Lilongwe campus of Malawi Grace Bible Schools has been borrowing chairs for classes from the Area 38 Grace Church. It has even been difficult for students to use these chairs because there are no desktops to work on. To create effective and healthy classroom engagement, desks and chairs are absolutely necessary. There are currently two classrooms and we anticipate that each will take fifteen desks and chairs. This project is an attempt to begin this process with fifteen desks and chairs for one classroom. The plan is to make steel-based desks and chairs that will last for a very long time.

The cost is $114 per desk and chair set including transportation.

Total for 15 desk and chair sets is $1,710.

$2,171 of $1,710 raised
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