Harry and Kaylah Alicea

Alicea November 2016Kaylah has had a passion for missionary work throughout her high school and college years. Every summer she would go to Puerto Rico and experience new things and see how God was working. She loved seeing children come to know the Lord and also working with others who had a passion for the ministry just like she did.

At Multnomah University she pursued two degrees – Bible/Theology and Intercultural Studies. She did her practicum in Puerto Rico and it was there she felt God was leading her to full-time ministry in Puerto Rico. She graduated from Multnomah in May 2012.

All through college Kaylah worked at a local community center teaching dance and preschool, working in teen programs and working the front desk which was a job that fit her perfectly. She loved hanging out with the kids all day and being that person in their life they respected and looked up to. It allowed her to share the Gospel numerous times and it also changed her outlook on disadvantaged youth in a low income society.

Because of that experience, Kaylah started an after-school center in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island and a place she has a passion for and their age demographic is mostly teenagers; she believed that starting this type of center where teens are taken care of and the gospel is shared could transform the face of the island.

While serving in Puerto Rico Kaylah renewed her acquaintance with Harry Alicea who has a heartfelt desire to be serving the Lord in the areas of youth work, day-to-day evangelism, and theological training. They were married on May 16, 2015 and look forward to continuing their ministries together in Puerto Rico.

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