Jeff & Sally Roth

God nurtured Jeff’s interest in missions…

…through mission committee work and a two-year term teaching English in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1987-1989).

Jeff has a Bachelor of Theology degree from Grace Bible College. He began pursuing his Master of Divinity degree. Sally has a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from Calvin College. She is pursuing her Master of Education in Learning Disabilities.

In 1999, God called them to Zambia through a passion, specific leading from His Word, and a miracle bringing their daughter Brianna’s immune system up to a normal level. They continue to sense God’s call to teach and train in the ministries He has established.

Jeff and Sally have taught student pastors and their wives at Zambia Grace Bible Institute (ZGBI). Jeff has also coordinated schedules and curricula for ZGBI. Sally homeschooled Rachel and Brianna. They used Bible stories to teach truths and principles to Kabwe deaf students. Their daughter Rachel is now married to their son-in-law, Duane. Brianna has graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Jeff and Sally are now living in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, after one year in Nagarote, Nicaragua, working alongside Milo and Raquel Seravalli. Jeff has begun teaching Bible studies, mentoring, teaching English, as well as helping Sally with ministries to the deaf and teaching Nicaraguan sign language (NSL). These ministries include: teaching God’s Word to the deaf, autistic, blind, and mentally challenged students at the special needs school; teaching NSL to high school students and interested adults; and teaching the Bible and NSL to uneducated deaf adults in a nearby valley.

Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement make it possible for them to live in Nicaragua sharing God’s Word and His love.

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