Growth in Nicaragua


The church in Nagarote is called “Arraigados”–the purpose is to remain rooted in Christ. The youth group has 30 young people who are learning every Wednesday about the grace of God and how to live in grace. The children group grows more and more with about 40 children arriving every Saturday to hear how Jesus lived on this earth. In the church, four new families are beginning to attend and seem to be interested in learning more about the Bible. We continue to disciple 12 people with the goal that three of them will become the future leaders of the church.

This month we are building a cement court with the help of two Texas churches and Berean Bible Church Spokane. We continue to repair and improve the kitchen and pavilion, and soon we will have a church sign. Then next month we will have an outreach activity with the opening of the court, and we will probably have a soccer and basketball tournament to reach the community which is very excited about this project.


Top left: ready to pour the concrete for the court

Top right: listening to a message in church

Bottom left: children listening during an outreach event

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