God is Faithful!


The following is an email update from GMI missionaries Frosty and Cathy Hansen who serve in Bolivia. This is about two anniversaries they are celebrating, so enjoy reading their update.


My, how quickly time passes! One year ago today, March 7, we arrived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, eager to see what God had in store for us in our return to the ministry we had left in 2004. What a glorious ride it has been! We have seen the Lord confirm His plans for us to be here in so many ways, both in difficult challenges and joyful blessings.

A major purpose for our being here was to institute a plan for preparing a future generation of leaders for our Bolivian churches. It’s encouraging to see the construction of our facility near completion with painting this week, but what about a program for teaching? And how can we best facilitate Bolivian leadership in this ministry?

With the approval of the Bolivian national church, Frosty has been able to form a committee of young professionals to spearhead the plans for the Training Center (see picture above). These five young adults are deeply committed to Christ and desire to see this program produce godly men and women who are committed to teaching and living out all aspects of grace theology. Our weekly meetings have produced a new name, vision and mission statement, which we will share in due time.

We feel God was very instrumental in putting this committee together. They are highly motivated and their various areas of gifts have produced great insights and helped plot a good direction. Currently we are working at formulating a curriculum to effectively equip believers in their knowledge of God’s Word and to faithfully serve Christ in their churches and communities or as future pastors and missionaries.

Our greatest need at this time is for qualified teachers with the ability to effectively communicate in Spanish or a willingness to learn. We need men and women with a heart to effectively teach and model the truths of Scripture. How might God use YOU to meet this great need?

Last Sunday Cathy was able to visit another of our churches with the women’s committee. The people at the church in San José are dear to our hearts from the many opportunities we had to minister there years ago. Cathy spent a lot of time with these women when they were young mothers, and 20 years later was able to encourage these grandmothers (see picture left) and their daughters to make daily Bible reading a priority in their lives.

As you see from the picture on the right, we also celebrated another very special occasion of our 39th wedding anniversary on March 3. My, how time flies! Our love for one another continues to grow, and we are totally amazed at God’s faithfulness and goodness to us through the years. We never could have imagined all He had in store for us as a couple, including bringing us back here to live and serve Christ.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We appreciate your prayers for the items below.

Thank God with us for…
1. Peaceful times in Bolivia. God answered prayers when the president rescinded laws that were the source of conflict.
2. The Training Center committee. God has greatly encouraged us through their eagerness to serve and their fresh ideas.
3. Our faithful support team. We thank the Lord for all who pray and give sacrificially to make this ministry possible.

We ask for your prayers…
1. Frosty’s three major teaching times. Teaching doctrine to a church board on Wednesday; theology classes to pastors on Friday; classes with theology students on Sunday afternoons.
2. Cathy’s discipleship opportunities. She has been a source of encouragement and prayer partner to pastors’ wives and other young women.
3. Teachers for the Training Center. We are praying for people dedicated to a ministry of teaching God’s Word and mentoring.

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