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Congratulations Capraris!

Congratulations Capraris!

Congratulations on the birth of Junia Salama on May 14. Naomi writes the following as an explanation of the background of their beautiful baby’s name. They now have four lovely little girls in their family!

“Junia Salama Caprari was born May 14th at 5:05 pm. Weighing in at 3.4kg/7.5lb she wins as our biggest baby. Junia is happy and healthy. I had postpartum hemorrhage after giving birth but am feeling a lot better now. Thank you all for your prayers and support as we were so blessed to bring this sweet girl into the world.
“Junia – is found in Romans 16:7 and Paul mentions her as outstanding and in prison for the Lord. Our prayer for this girl is that she is bold for Christ and her love for him causes others to be encouraged in Christ as well.
“Salama – a swahili word with Arabic origin meaning peace, safe, and often used in greetings to express you are well! It is also namesake for the city she was born in, Dar es Salaam.”
Please pray for John and Naomi as they adjust to life with four young children to raise.

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