Carlos & Denise Brunk

I (Carlos) graduated from Grace Bible College in 1991 with a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies. Denise and I married December 23, 1990 on the island of Curacao, and then pastored the Grace church in Curacao (a Dutch Caribbean island off the cost of Venezuela) for nine years after it was pastored by GMI missionaries—the Lees, Leonards, and Hunts.

After training other men for the ministry and establishing the church organization with elders and deacons, I felt my goals were achieved and the Lord was leading Denise and me towards new things to do for Him. I resigned as pastor to study counseling and to follow the desire to establish a Grace church in the Netherlands. We left the Curacao church stable, healthy and growing in attendance.

We started a Grace church in the Netherlands together with six Grace believers from our church in Curacao. In the year 2003 we had our first official services in the city of Almere in the Netherlands. We started an outreach in a public school geared toward the 4,000 Antillean people (from the Dutch Caribbean islands) in the city of Almere. The city is about 30 minutes driving distance from Amsterdam.

In January 2012, Denise and I felt that the Gemeente de Bijbel (Bible church) was ready to function on its own under the pastoral leadership of the co-pastor, Marshall Look, his wife, Shurenda, and a team of deacons.

After praying for a few months the desire grew stronger that it was time to leave the Netherlands. About that same time Denise’s mother called her from Curacao with the news that on the island of Bonaire they were looking for a school teacher. We felt the peace of God in our hearts to live on Bonaire and to start another Grace church on that island. Denise applied for the job as a teacher on the island of Bonaire and got it.

We decided to start the Grace church (Ministerio di Grasia Bonaire) in a Community Center in the district of Tera Kora. About 2,000 people live in this area, mostly Antillean people. On Saturday night, September 6, 2013, we showed our first gospel movie in the community. We had our first official church service on Sunday, September 7.

Please keep us in prayer for God to open more doors for us to bring the gospel of Christ to the people living on Bonaire, and for the Lord to send more workers in the field to help us with the ministry.

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