Capraris’ Little Miracle


This comes from “Crossing the Seas with the Capraris,” the blog of GMI missionaries John and Naomi Caprari and was originally posted October 31, 2016:

It’s an amazing thing to witness the hand of God.

Pregnancy, itself, is a miracle. The way God fearfully and wonderfully makes and creates human beings, His masterpieces, from their very beginning. God has shown us His faithfulness to a higher level than which we have experienced before through this pregnancy. Let us explain:

We found out that Naomi was pregnant in the middle of August. You can only imagine the extreme excitement we felt when we got this news. Maybe, you can also imagine, because of our recent struggles (losing our baby at 5 months, and a second miscarriage last February), the immediate fears and worries that entered our minds.

A couple weeks later Naomi started feeling and having the same exact symptoms she had in our second miscarriage. Because of this Naomi was convinced she already had or was going to miscarry this baby as well. That’s when we started to pray fervently.

By God’s grace, we live nearby a nurse, Joanne Moyer, who was able to direct us to a doctor in the area and gave Naomi the advice to be put on bed rest. Once we visited the doctor, he ordered an ultrasound. After we returned to the doctor with the results, he shared with us that Naomi was pregnant with twins but it was too early to find a heartbeat and that we would need to return in two weeks. During that time, Naomi was to be on bed rest.

Those were two long, difficult weeks. Naomi’s miscarriage like symptoms continued for most of those two weeks and her discomfort only increased. However, we experienced what Scripture describes as a peace that surpasses all understanding. The peace was not necessarily that everything was going to be okay with the pregnancy, but more so, that God was in control and no matter the outcome He has great plans for us.

Those two weeks went by, and instead of returning to the doctor that told us we were pregnant with twins, we decided to go to the main city in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, to seek better treatment and accurate results. This is when we met our favorite ultrasound tech.

We’ve visited her twice and she has only given us good news! Also, she is really good at what she does and has great facilities. In our first appointment with her we immediately found out that our baby still had a heartbeat. We were overjoyed with tears of this great news . Then, she also discovered there was a hematoma (a bleed/blood clots) that had formed in the womb.. We’ll never forget what she said about this, “you were going to miscarry, and something stopped this miscarriage.” She then asked us what we had taken or what we had done. Immediately we both knew that it had only been God who kept this baby alive and well.

We were on a high leaving this appointment. Naomi wasn’t required to be on bed rest, but needed to rest often and wasn’t able to do much. We then were to wait 6 more weeks until we returned to Dar to find out if the hematoma had done any scarring to the baby, placenta, or sac that could potentially hinder the continual development of the baby.

As many of you know, we announced that we were pregnant just last week after having our second appointment in Dar. At this appointment our ultrasound tech was astounded that the hematoma had indeed dissolved. She said “that thing was huge” and was amazed that it was completely gone. Once again, we knew right away, that this was surely the hand of God.

We are so thankful to God for his grace, which he has given our family. We anticipate great things for the baby and we covet your prayers for everything to continually develop well. Thanks!

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