Caaguazú – a City with Possibilities


Grace Ministries International has three couples serving in Paraguay as part of the missionary team in Ciudad del Este – Jerry and Sandi Bomers; Alex and Deltha Gulart; and Talo and Patty Vergara. According to the 2002 census, 89.6% of all Paraguayans 10 years of age and older identified themselves as Catholics. Evangelical Christianity accounts for less than 10% of the population. GMI’s ministry began in Paraguay in 2015.

The Grace Ministries International missionary team in Paraguay is starting off 2018 wanting to expand its reach into new parts of the country. The initial church plant in Ciudad del Este is finding its stride with a solid core of attendees and new people visiting regularly. In fact, seven new people—two couples and three individuals—attended the church for the first time this past Sunday.  Even as the church continues to establish itself, the missionary team is looking to conduct Bible studies and ministry trips in the city of Caaguazú which is strategically located at the halfway point on the highway between Asunción and Ciudad del Este. Attendees of the church in Ciudad del Este had contacts in Caaguazú which the church and our missionary team are pursuing in order to test the possibility of planting a church there.

Here is a link to a video showing the city of Caaguazú so you can get a feel for what the city is like:!As33BobO6RLlguNv5hbm0LyamG_RtQ

NOTE: The picture above is of one of the roads going into the city of Caaguazú.

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