Alex & Deltha Gulart

Gularts to ParaguayAlex was born in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, a small country in South America. He was raised in a Catholic family and heard the gospel for the very first time at the age of 16. At that time he started attending the church that Arnie and Sally Selfors planted and ministered in for many years. It wasn´t until he was 19 years old that he fully surrender his life to Christ. When he became a Christian, God gave him a passion for evangelism and missions. He got involved with Operation Mobilization (OM) in full-time service, and two years later he joined the Logos 2 ship for two years.

Deltha was born in Tabasco, in the south of Mexico. She also grew up in a Catholic home. She heard the gospel for first time when she was 14 years old and her older sister invited her to church. When she moved to Queretaro to continue her studies, she went to a Bible church founded by Camino Global (formerly CAM), where she made a profound commitment to Christ and His Word. God used two families to really impact her, her uncles and the missionaries in the church. They showed her about Christian life, family and service to God.

When Deltha was 22 years old, she read the book, “Through Gates of Splendor,” and God used this book to open her mind and heart to the reality of missions and the need for missionaries. She decided to join the Logos 2 ship and there she met Alex.

On the Logos 2 ship, God used both Alex and Deltha to share the gospel in different countries. He allowed them to preach the gospel in hospitals, prisons, homes for the elderly, orphanages, schools, drug addiction centers, in Muslims countries with persecution, in poor and rich countries, in countries with just 150 believers or where there were just 25 believers in the whole country. They had the opportunity to share the Word of God with homosexuals, Nazis, prostitutes, Muslims, Hindus, Orthodox, people who practiced witchcraft, and the list goes on.

They got engaged onboard the ship and married as soon as they finished their commitment with the ship. Their life together started in Uruguay where they worked full time in God’s work in Iglesia Biblica de Gracia in Montevideo. They went to Baptist Theological Seminary to get an education that helped them develop their ministry. God blessed them with two beautiful children,  Ainhoa (2011) and Bastian (2013). They are currently living in Paraguay starting a new work under Grace Ministries International.

There are millions of people who have never heard the Gospel, and there are so many churches that don´t teach or know the grace of God. They want to be part of what God is doing in the world.

To read Alex and Deltha’s most recent newsletter click HERE.

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Facts About the Gularts

Field Address
Alex – April 18
Deltha– December 15
Ainhoa – July 16, 2011
Bastian – April 16, 2013
January 10 Avda. Carlos Antonio Lopez
Edificio Panorama 2. Torre C. Piso 18.
Barrio Catedral. Ciudad del Este, PARAGUAY